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Correct equipment selection can ensure baby swimming fun.

Correct equipment selection can ensure baby swimming fun.

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2019/03/06 15:03
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Correct equipment selection can ensure that the baby swimming pool provides good service for every baby who enters the shop, so that the baby and parents are satisfied, and get more loyal customers.
The integrated child swimming pool is suitable for household use and children's swimming pool. The product is highly integrated and does not need separate equipment room or platform drainage. It solves the problem that the integration degree of modular combined children swimming pool is not high. It needs separate equipment room for heating, water quality can not meet the requirements, water leakage is easy to occur, and drainage needs platform. Basically divided into: 1. Baby natatorium heating equipment is often more unknown to investors where the floor load increased, resulting in a series of problems such as high risk.
The glass and the packing box are filled with light and soft materials which are not easy to cause the appearance defects such as glass scratches. Specific requirements should meet the relevant standards. Packing marks and packing marks shall conform to the relevant standards. Each packing box shall be marked with the words "upward, lightly moved and positioned, carefully broken, glass thickness, grade, factory name or trademark". On the other hand. Although hot dipping treatment can not guarantee that no self-explosion will occur. The handling rules and so on should conform to the relevant provisions. When transporting, wooden boxes shall not be laid flat or obliquely, and the length direction shall be the same as the moving direction of the transporting vehicle, and measures such as rain prevention shall be taken.