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Hot Spring Pool Pump

Hot Spring Pool Pump

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Hot Spring Pool Pump

It can be applied to water pumps in ocean halls.
- IP55 waterproof standard;
- large flow;
- Strong pressure bearing capacity, up to 6kg/cm_;;
- 316 stainless steel axle;
- Graphite/ceramic mechanical seal;
- Motor speed 1450 rpm;
- It can be used in hot springs up to 70 C.
Product advantages:
1. Low speed motor. 1450r/min, low speed, low noise (72 db).
2. The flow rate of water pump is large (e.g. ALB1500 11KW motor, the maximum flow rate can reach 160m3/h, which is higher than that of ordinary metal pump and other ordinary plastic pump. Under the same flow demand, the power of water pump needed to be selected is reduced, which plays an energy-saving role.
3. IP55 waterproof standard, can be installed outdoors.
4. The pump body is made of special formula plastic. The static load bearing capacity of the pump is 6kg/cm2, which can be applied to more harsh environment.
5. The pump can be applied to 70 C hot water, and it is very suitable for hot spring pool, high temperature SPA pool, etc.
6. The pump is made of 316 stainless steel motor shaft, and the mechanical seal is made of 316 spring, Italian graphite and rubber. It has high corrosion resistance and is suitable for seawater pool, ocean hall and so on.



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