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SSC Series Salt Machine

SSC Series Salt Machine

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SSC Series Salt Machine

SSC series salt machine salt chlorine electrolyser is a device that disinfects swimming pools by producing chlorine through electrolytic saline. Electrolysis process: Salt water is released through electrolyzer to convert sodium chloride in water into chlorine gas, which is dissolved in water and then converted into sodium hypochlorite for disinfection.
Safety and environmental protection at the same time, this technology also brings you:
Relax: Your swimming pool will be disinfected automatically
Safety: Reduce chlorine storage and exposure, no harm to human body
Comfort: Clean, safe, clean water
Health: Saline is effective without irritating the eyes and skin.
- Three styles are available: chlorine production 15, 25, 45 g/h
- Automatic Cleaning Electrolyzer
- Mass Titanium Electrode Sheet
- Self-contained underwater lamp transformer
- Maximum working pressure: 250kPa/36psi/2.5bar 250kPa/36psi/2.5bar
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