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Nanotechnology MPUV disinfection system

Nanotechnology MPUV disinfection system

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Nanotechnology MPUV disinfection system

NT-MPUV series design of medium-voltage ultraviolet lamp is an easy-to-install system, providing a cost-effective solution for commercial disinfection and chloramine production.
Medium-voltage ultraviolet radiation system is very effective against highly infectious Cryptosporidium. Giardia Lamberti can exist in the water of swimming pools, and these organisms are hardly affected by the chlorine levels used for disinfection in seawater pools. The use of chlorine in a pool can lead to the formation of chloramine (a by-product of the chemical action of chlorine). The filtered chloramine produces strong gas and irritates the eyes and skin of fish.
Reducing the production of these microorganisms by using medium-voltage ultraviolet radiation equipment can greatly improve water quality and atmospheric environment.


Installation recommendations:
- Commercial swimming pool and Spa
- Waterscape
- Lakes and ponds
Main characteristics
- Coaxial Vessel Installation Design, Easy to Install
- Higher Ultraviolet Production Efficiency
- Average UVT efficiency is 60 mJ/cm_
- Low structural cost
- Low power consumption
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