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Swimming starting blocks

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Swimming starting blocks

Starting platform complies with FINA International Swimming Federation (2017-2021) FR 2.7
The product is made of vinyl ester chloride-resistant FRP reinforced composite fibers, the main color is white, life-long anti-corrosion.
The back end of the starting platform is equipped with a five-step pedal takeoff device. The athletes can adjust the position of the pedal takeoff device according to their own needs.
Starting platform take-off panel length 740 mm/width 560 mm, starting height 400 mm, starting and horizontal angle 9 degrees
The platform is made of resin sand blasting anti-skid technology, which has good anti-skid performance and can meet the requirements of the competition.
Starting platform take-off panel can install various kinds of electric timing equipment, such as: Omega, Colorado, Mathematical Sports, etc.
Adjusting the back pedal board has the patent function of quick disassembly and assembly.
On the surface of the departure platform, there are striking slogans in English and Chinese for Standardizing Safe Use of the departure platform Warning.
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