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Swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification air conditioner

Swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification air conditioner

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Swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification air conditioner

1. Design concept of heat pump type constant temperature dehumidifier for Nautilus swimming pool
In a swimming pool with good thermal insulation, 95% of the heat loss of water is generated by evaporation of the pool water surface; almost 100% of the corrosion of the chlorine containing humid air in the indoor space of the constant temperature swimming pool to the building is also caused by evaporation of the pool water surface.
Nautilus Nautilus swimming pool special heat pump constant temperature dehumidifier design concept, that is, based on the concept of free energy and environmental protection, through the recovery and utilization of vapor evaporated into the air, on the one hand, to recover heat to heat the pool water, but also to heat the air;
On the other hand, by lowering the temperature to the dew point, water vapor condenses into water, which not only dries the air to achieve dehumidification effect, but also recovers the evaporated water to the swimming pool and reduces the water filling of the swimming pool, thus achieving the effects of constant temperature, constant humidity, energy saving, water saving and environmental protection, and greatly prolonging the service life of the building.
Working Principle of Constant Temperature Dehumidifier with Heat Pump for Nautilus Swimming Stadium
2. Performance characteristics of heat pump type constant temperature dehumidifier for Nautilus natatorium
Refrigeration system:
1. "Five-in-one" design, the pool space dehumidification, while recovering heat to heat air and water, and achieve intelligent ventilation and precise regulation functions, compared with traditional ventilation dehumidification, the average cost savings of 40-60%.
2. Compressors, thermal expansion valves and other key components are imported products with reliable performance.
3. The unit adopts scroll compressor with few moving parts, low noise and high energy efficiency. Its refrigerant pipelines are all connected by copper welding, and there is no gasket or thread sealing connection to eliminate the possibility of leakage of oil or refrigerant.
3. Optional outdoor units (outdoor condensation, air conditioning, indoor air refrigeration)
4. Optional air-assisted heating (electric heating, hot water heating, steam heating)
5. Spraying anticorrosive material for air heat exchanger, full copper coil can be selected
6. Fans and motors are optimized by using professional selection software in order to obtain the best working point, efficiency and noise level.
3. Structural characteristics:
1. All key components (compressor, control system, etc.) are installed in the compartment separated from the return air of the swimming pool to prevent corrosion.
2. The shell and structure of the unit are coated with epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating.
3. Adopt modular design to maximize the flexibility and individuality of customers and to meet the standardization of the whole process of products.
4. Convenient maintenance doors and removable panels make the internal components of the equipment have an open maintenance space.
5. Intelligent ventilation system can be selected to realize intelligent ventilation through the economic operation mode of some fresh air.
6. Installation of unit room, optional outdoor and outdoor installation
7. The constant temperature dehumidifier unit has a double-deck door with a hinged shell, which is easy to open for maintenance.
8. The structure is divided into A-type and B-type. The main engine section of A-type is integrated with heat exchanger, and the workload of field installation and commissioning is small. The main engine section of B-type is isolated from the wind system to prevent corrosion and facilitate maintenance.
Fourth, the characteristics of the control system:
1. The unit control system is controlled by PLC. It has reliable control, low failure rate, convenient detection and maintenance. It is equipped with wired remote control interface (wired wiring distance is within 50 meters, with isolation interface can reach 1000 meters).
It can store, display and set swimming pool water temperature, air temperature, air humidity and other parameters to facilitate customer monitoring in the duty room (remote control is optional)
2. Optional Indoor Cold Surface Dew Prevention Control
3. The color touch screen display control touch screen display controller is a 2-microprocessor control system. It provides users with convenient, efficient and visual operation interface, and also has real-time monitoring, data recording, security protection and other functions.
The Touch Screen Display Controller adopts 7 touch screen. The user can perform the required functional operation by touching a key on the Touch Screen. The screen display is clear and the human-computer interaction performance is excellent.
4. Multiple protection functions to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit. 5. Privilege hierarchy, password security (optional) unit control system provides safe access passwords for operators to prevent unauthorized changes in setting values. Access levels can be divided into multiple levels according to needs.
6. The remote intelligent (optional) unit control system provides communication protocols and interfaces such as ModBUS or Profibus. The unit can access the building automation control system through the control system, or the "Nautilus" remote intelligent service center through the GPRS remote suite to achieve networked monitoring and management functions.
7. In 1996, "Nautilus" realized telephone networking monitoring. In 2004, "Nautilus" implemented Internet networking monitoring in an all-round way.
PM2.5 Filtration Function of Unit
Presentation of fresh air PM2.5 filtering function and energy recovery function of unit
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