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Fully automatic pool cleaner

Fully automatic pool cleaner

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Fully automatic pool cleaner

M500 Increases Mobile App Remote Control Function
Characteristics and advantages
Clean the floor, walls and water lines of the pool.
Cover the swimming pool cycle time and automatically avoid obstacles.
The triple active scrubbing can double the melody speed of the main brush, enhance the high cleanliness, completely eliminate all algae and bacteria, and make the pond water pure. Significantly reduce the need for chemicals.
Top replacement makes maintenance easier and more convenient.
The two-stage filtration system covers all conditions of the swimming pool.
Fine filter box can clean fine dust particles day after day.
The filter can collect leaves and crude debris.
Additional functions
The remote control can choose cleaning procedures, delayed start-up and manual navigation for dirt absorption.
Digital switching transformer with suction bag full indicator lamp.
Torsion protector: prevent cable from tangling
Cycle cycle: 1.5/2.5/3.5 hours
Digital Switch Mode Transformer: Output 30VCD, IP54, Full Indication with Contamination Bag and Delayed Start-up
Compliance brushes: brushes that can climb all pool surfaces
Remote Controller: Touch Navigation, Setting Parameters and Cleaning Procedures
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