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Fully automatic pool cleaner

Fully automatic pool cleaner

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Fully automatic pool cleaner

Imported products from Israel adopt automatic programming of filter bag with filter function. It is suitable for swimming pools of different sizes with small rest area, light weight and easy operation.
Independent operation, low power consumption, cleaning, washing and filtering make your swimming pool clean without worries. The suction function adopts automatic programming of suction and filtering bag with filtering function. It is suitable for swimming pools of different sizes with small rest area, light and easy to operate with carts, easy to use and accept independent equipment, without installing and maintaining wireless remote control function (intelligent controller). The remote controller can be used to program different suction programs, including: operation time/swimming pool length/crawling density normal or strong suction, etc. with filter bag cleaning indicator function to reduce manual cleaning work can climb the wall to clean the pool body and water line for the design and use of large swimming pools - in line with international ETL and CE standards;
1) The working time of suction is as long as 6 hours.
2) Design working hours (hours) for swimming pools of different sizes with advanced automatic learning scanning program: 4/6/8
3) Waterproof Wire (m):30
4) Precision of filter bag (micron):50
5) Flow (cubic metres/hour):16
6) Operating Voltage (V):24
7) Transformer power input and waterproof grade: IP54, input: 230V, output: 30V
Advantages: 3002_is a fully automatic upgrade of Dolphin 2002, with all the advantages of Dolphin 2002: with 30 meters of line, it can be used for larger pool pollution absorption.
1) Programmable: Different modes can be set according to the size of swimming pool. Intelligent program control device can scan swimming pool, lock memory and other functions. It can clean swimming pool intelligently and automatically. It is flexible and convenient.
2) With remote control: Manually instruct the automatic mechanical cleaner to enter an inaccessible corner, so that the operation is completely compatible with the size and shape of your swimming pool. At the same time, with a suction bag, it can easily filter small debris.
3) At the same time, the filter bag indicator lets us know when to dump the sundries in the bag. Short working cycles: Advanced programming allows people to clean the pool once in only six hours
Dolphin suction machine operation instructions: Dolphin suction machine is mainly divided into three parts: main engine, transformer, trolley (easy to carry), its use method is as follows.
1. Keep the transformer away from the water. Use the proven power supply in the original plant to supply the cable for 230V main power supply.
2. Put the suction machine into the water, swing the suction machine on both sides or dump it to release trapped air and let it sink slowly to the bottom of the pond.
3. Connect the power supply and transformer, press the transformer switch "NO" to start the suction machine, and the suction machine will run automatically.
4. Press the switch "OFF" of the transformer to turn off the power supply, stop the operation of the suction machine, or automatically stop the operation at the preset time when the suction machine runs. It needs a new pneumatic switch to continue operation.
5. Pull the suction machine to the edge of the pool, hold the hands on both sides, and lift the suction machine up.
6. Clean the suction bag of the suction machine: After each suction, remove the suction belt, clean it and reuse it.
7. Clean the impeller. Rotate the impeller above the suction machine to clean up the debris.
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