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Automatic pool suction machine

Automatic pool suction machine

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Automatic pool suction machine



Dolphin suction machine operation instructions: Dolphin suction machine is mainly divided into three parts: main engine, transformer, trolley (easy to carry), its use method is as follows.
I. keep the transformer away from ponding, and use the original verified power supply - the factory provides wires for the 230V main power supply.
2. Put the suction machine into the water, swing the suction machine on both sides or dump it to release trapped air and let it sink slowly to the bottom of the pond.
3. Connect the power supply and transformer, press the transformer switch "NO" to start the suction machine, and the suction machine will run automatically.
4. Press the switch "OFF" of the transformer to turn off the power supply, stop the operation of the suction machine, or automatically stop the operation at the preset time when the suction machine runs. It needs a new pneumatic switch to continue operation.
5. Pull the suction machine to the side of the pool, lift the handles on both sides with both hands, and lift up the suction machine.
6. Clean the suction bag of the suction machine: After each suction, remove the suction belt, clean it and reuse it.
7. Clean the impeller. Rotate the impeller above the suction machine to clean up the debris.
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