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Pool body

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Pool body

Indoor and outdoor assembled swimming pools require simple venues, are easy to install, have less investment, and can be open seasonally. They are the preferred products of swimming in cities, communities, schools and families, and are an effective way to popularize swimming. They can also achieve greater economic returns for investors.
Functional characteristics of indoor multi-functional swimming pool: 1. Ensure the year-round opening to the outside world, not affected by climate 2. It can be transformed into multi-functional sports venues, badminton courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, table tennis courts, etc. 3. Compared with outdoor swimming pools, the social and economic effects have been greatly improved.
1. The structure of the swimming pool body: it includes the steel structure frame of the swimming pool body, the steel overflow tank, the inner and outer panels, the waterproof membrane in the pool and the water escalator, etc. The stability of assembled swimming pool structure is guaranteed by its own structure, and the pool body is fixed without destroying the original site, and the pool is not reinforced by fixing screw on the site. The second installation remains the same.
2. Hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion treatment is adopted in all steel structure confined frames to ensure that the frames are not rusty for 10 years and that the pool body is never deformed.
3. Steel overflow tank, hot-dip galvanized steel plate, anti-corrosion treatment, once formed, 10 years will not rust;
4. Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is used to extrude the load-bearing beam of the aisle once through the die, and it will not rust for 10 years.
5. The walkway is made of plastic wood floor with a thickness of 25mm, which is firm and stable;
6. Safety guardrails adopt mesh structure. The distance between guardrails is 90-120 mm (in accordance with national standards). It is convenient to disassemble without affecting the second installation. It is safe and beautiful to adopt plastic-impregnated processing technology.
7. The water-proof film in the pool adopts the advanced special swimming pool film, which has a long service life.
8. The main staircase is made of macromolecule material, which is safe, beautiful and anti-skid. The staircase is made of 304_stainless steel.
9. Inner panel, outer panel, pedal and decorative strip are all made of PVC food grade plastic sheet.
10. Water treatment system: It is designed and configured according to national standards, including circulating equipment, filtering equipment, automatic dosing and disinfection equipment, electronic control equipment and pipeline equipment. The water quality meets the standards of FINA.
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